Sunday morning walk to Petaca Point

DSC3392-300x200A short drive over Taos Junction Bridge and up a steep dirt road with several switchbacks to the West Rim of the Rio Grande Gorge will take you to the trailhead of Petaca Point Trail. Petaca Canyon is an easy four miles, along the rim of the Rio Grande Gorge. Because the trail runs along the ridge, the mesa grasses and flowers are beautiful, and the 360 views are amazing. The wind and sun can also be amazing, so early morning is the best time of day to take this walk.

The best part of this walk is exploring for petroglyphs. There are many along the rocks. Petaca means “case used to carry belongings when travelling” mostly tobacco or cigarettes. And it has been said that there is treasure hidden in the canyons along the Rio Grande. So we like to think that the travelers stashed their bags in the nooks along the Rio here. It is a good reason to explore. I don’t know if it has been said from a credible source or not, but it is credible enough to keep my husband and son exploring the rocks and canyons for years, so either way the “legend” is worth something in my family.

Located in the Rio Grande Recreation Area just down the hill from Taos. The trail is off the road from Pilar and the Taos Junction Bridge. It is a great morning hike–and the mud is fun too.

Petaaca Canyon 3

Petaaca Canyon 1

Petaacca Canyon 2

Petaaca Canyon 4


6 thoughts on “Sunday morning walk to Petaca Point

  1. Hi,

    My name is Patricia “Pat” Krapf. I want to use a picture you took of Taos Mountain in the winter on my author’s website. I am writing a scientific thriller series and the first two books are set in NM (Taos, Los Alamos, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque). I am more than happy to list you as the photographer.

    Thank you,


      1. Patricia Krapf

        My website won’t be up and running for some time as I am in the process of having two book covers designed and that must take place first. However, I will keep you notify you when the website is done. My email address is We visit Taos quite often. We have a home on the south side of town. Thank you for allowing me to use your photo.

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