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If you wanna be on the edge for a night: Kokopelli Cave

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We’ve been thinking about summer.  It was warm yesterday, finally.  And as we were eating lunch in the sunshine we were remembering our trip to Kokopelli Caves near Farmington, New Mexico.  My son was laughing about feeding the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks, while my husband and I were remembering carrying our coolers and luggage down the half mile trail to the cave where we stayed.  It was a magnificent and unexpected weekend away in a remote man-made cave.  It is called a bed and breakfast, and it is a unique one at that.  But it is remote and rustic, climbing down a 1/2 mile trail to the front door; yet so luxurious at the same time–being on the side of a cliff in a queen sized bed!  It was amazing and worth the effort.  If anyone is thinking about a weekend adventure that is out of the ordinary, check it out:  Kokopelli Cave in Farmington, NM.

Kokopelli Cave
Squirrels too
Squirrels too
Geologic features along the trails
Kokopelli Cave

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