On the tracks in Ireland

This post is pure indulgence for me. Everything about Ireland was an indulgence, and ever since I returned I have been dreaming about it. Writing about it keeps me dreaming. Our train ride around Ireland was one of those rare holidays that everything was perfection. The people we traveled with, the weather. All of it, …

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England and Scotland by Foot, Car, Family and Friends

Sometimes travels take us in delightful ways that we had not considered, and when we hop a train or climb a hill, the destination is a sweet surprise like a frosty rootbeer float on a hot summer day. The nooks and crannies in the U.K. most certainly offer those delights. If you are lucky enough …

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Getting out of our bubble

Recently my family and I traveled to Panama City, Panama. We went to one of those beach resorts where folks talk about "relaxing" on the beach, drinking cocktails and swimming in the pool all day. And many people dream of these vacations, I guess. The hotel was a bit off the beaten path, and after …

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