Where to run or ride for the fun of it, and the health of it . . .

Rio Grande

In the summer and winter months, we can go to the gym to get some exercise. But more often then not, water cooler conversation at my office consists of talk about new trails or secret spots to take a run or a ride to get an hour of sun and exercise. Summer or winter, we all try to steel away to get in a run with the dog, get in a hike or an afternoon swim. In the winter months, talk often shifts to a snowshoeing trail or particularly nice ski run. Being near national forest and BLM lands gives us so many options, that sometimes, regrettably, we can’t think of anyplace to go. So people regularly exchange their favorites and we are constantly in search of new places.

Currently my family is training for a Valentine’s Day 5k. Our latest training spot is the West Rim Trail, which is adjacent to the Rio Grande Gorge on the west side. It is a magnificent run or ride depending on the day or your desire. The entire trail is seven miles and ends at the confluence of the Rio Grande and Rio Pueblo if you begin at the north end at the Gorge Bridge Parking area. It is a gentle run with the view of the entire mountain range and the entire gorge. About a half mile in there is no more foot traffic and the entire mesa landscape is your own. It is a majestic way to spend a couple hours, even in the snow!

West Rim Trail overlooking the Rio Grande
West Rim Trail overlooking the Rio Grande
Taking a break on the rock face

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