The Sunset Project

A post everyday for 2013: the sunset.

Each  morning over a cup of coffee with my co-workers we remark on the beauty of the morning’s sunrise or the previous evening’s sunset. We talk about the moonset or the rainstorm’s cloudburst, and sunset over the hills from the evening before. It reminds me of how the sunrise and sunsets of living in the countryside shape our character, how the setting sun shapes who we are. People post a moonrise or a sunset on their Facebook page. We call our neighbors to say, “hey, look at the amazing sunset tonight.” We stop on the roadside to gaze at the mountains bathed in the sun’s setting rays. It is normal, and it is extraordinary to speak so regularly of the passing of the days based on the sun. This recognition is the subject of this project.

Sunsets as part of our daily life.  Sunsets as part of our southwest land and community.  In 2013 I’m documenting the sunset, each day in the way I experience it. The compilation of them together gives me a perspective on my own daily life. I hope it gives some perspective on living in the rural southwest too.

I will catalog all sunset photos on Sunset Project as the evenings pass. If you’d like to check back and see how the sunsets progress, please do.

January 1, 2013

Let me know what you think?

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