Migration at the edge of nowhere

One of the benefits of living close to nowhere is that we get to enjoy the company of other creatures who pass through nowhere on their way.  One of these creatures happens to be the tarantula.  He makes his annual migration around this time of year to find a mate, and he creates quite the conversation every year.  This time of year at lunchtime someone has to ask “how many tarantulas have you seen?” It seems almost a myth, except they really do show up every year.  On my morning run last on Saturday I saw two cross the trail, and yesterday this lovely one was in the backyard.  Late September and early October is the only time they show themselves around here in New Mexico.  The three of us gazed on him and took him to the neighbors for a good look before we let him on his way.  Always a treat, in a funny sort of “Yep, proof that Fall is here,” kind of way.

Let me know what you think?

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