The Beauty of Pearl Pass

Pearl Pass Summit

Pearl Pass, Colorado, near Aspen, at a summit of 12,705′ .

Cira 1872, miners from Crested Butte built a make shift road from Crested Butte over Pearl Pass to the mining town of  Ashcroft, and eventually made the road to Aspen.  The road is one of the most difficult we driven. The boulders, the steepness, and the scree fields are abundant.  So is the beauty. Its long and amazing views are surrounded by 13ers and 14ers. It was a beautiful day we drove, and we didn’t see another vehicle until we made it close to Ashcroft.   There are not many mining remains on the trail; not many people lived up there.  It was a thorough-fare between Crested Butte and Ashcroft, but just the thought of it being passable more than 100 years ago is quite an adventure.  It is famous for its hardcore mountain biking, but frankly, everything up there is pretty hardcore.  If you adventure up that way, make sure the road is passable–it was clear for us, but you can certainly see areas where the snow would never melt.  And remember those who came before us, and paved this road for us; they were certainly a beautiful and adventurous sort!

Circa 1910

Circa 1910, Pearl Pass Trip lunch on the road

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