On the Santa Fe Trail (Part II)

As we approached Bent's Fort, my son noted that there were two busloads of children touring the site. It is certainly not as "lost" as our trip to Fort Union felt. And as we approached the Fort itself, we recognized it as re-constructed, not at all like the ruins of the Fort in northern New …

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Hidden spots in Bandelier

It has been warming up around here, and it makes me yearn for summer and weekend hikes. This weekend I've been daydreaming about places we've been and places I'd like to be if it were warm. So my next few posts will be my summer daydreams. Soon enough it will be warm and we'll be …

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Old tomboy mine and her brides

As I travel the backroads of the west and explore the past of the old roads, the stories take me to other stories and yet other stories.  The first time I traveled Imogene Pass out of Telluride, Colorado I found such a story.  The Pass itself is magnificent.  The road is a sight, and to …

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