Sometimes we do things we never thought possible.

It has been a full week since we’ve returned from walking. We are still motivated to walk, which feels great, even if our joints are still a bit “crunchy” from the long distance. I sure feel at ease with the 3-5 miles in the morning, which is pretty funny. We used to have to push it to get the miles in, but this morning felt like a breeze. It is good to feel that progress.

Also, as I’ve been home, I have realized something that feels super important to me: we can do things that we once thought impossible. Ten years ago if someone would has asked me if I could walk 100 miles I would have said, “no way.” When I started the walk, I thought “if I make it through this first day, then maybe I have a chance.” Still I didn’t believe 100% that I could do it. And then by the third day, I knew something I had never known. I have enormous endurance. And I am really fit. And I can do hard things. With grace.

We can do hard things. We can.

This, I think, it the lasting lesson for me.

This video is a compilation of all the videos that I took along the trail. They are in order (except for one). So its the 100 miles in seven minutes. If you watch it, I hope you don’t get nauseous from the lack of professional video-ing skills. It is not edited and there are some parts, well, that are a bit all over the place. Regardless of the quality, it is a small picture of the range of landscapes, weather and scenery along the Pennine Way.

Still, I’m dreaming in the beauty of it.

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