From Torside to Diggle: roadside coffee and oatcakes too.

Miles: 14.3

Elevation gain: 3373ft

The Miles: Today the miles piled on easily. I was actually stronger today than yesterday which felt strange as we inched closer to 30 miles. The walking wasn’t easier. In fact we had some serious climbs today. We felt lucky that half way we came across a lady in a little trailer selling hot coffee and oatcakes. I asked her for black tea with milk and she laughed. “Ain’t black if it’s with milk sweeteee. That altitude mustb get tin to ya.” I can’t use that excuse,” I say, “I live at 5000ft.”

Stone slabs: Much of our walk through the moors and the bogs is on stone slabs. The story behind these slabs is fascinating. In the mid-80s, apparently after years of people getting stuck in the bogs, these slabs were part of trail restoration. They are floors of old abandoned mills. They were flown to the trail by helicopter and many are “floating” on the bogs. It must have been an enormous project of people, machinery and money. And we feel privileged to walk on them.

Too of Black Hill

Foot care: and maybe the most important. Foot care. We stopped several times to adjust socks, apply anti-chaffing lotion and bandages to keep our feet healthy. While we’re walking, it is my feet that feel it the most. At different points in the day, in order to move my mind from my feet, I would purposefully focus on feeling the wind on my face, or the fog on my face. Then, I’d realize another two miles passed and I had forgotten about my feet. I am a bit anxious about the coming days and hope my feet hold up.

For now, we’re off to a pub for a pint and steak and ale pie. Then a good nights rest and at it again tomorrow.

Let me know what you think?

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