Arriving in Edale: finding the trailhead.

Planes. Trains. Automobiles. Three days of travel to get us to the starting point. So many things to consider as we move toward the start of our walk.

Through the airport and the sidewalks of London, I am struck by the beauty of diversity. People are so different and lovely and funny and weird. People with families in tow, bikes, suitcases, boxes. The loveliness of being within the diversity of a major city makes me feel part of it. Seems odd- some people feel they belong when they are with their “tribe” or with people who look and think like them. Those groups make me a bit nervous — there is where pressure exists to be part. But traveling reminds me that we are already part, even when we cannot speak the same language.

So, drop off in Heathrow. Train to Sheffield. There we enjoy high tea. And a good nights rest.

Topic of conversation in town is all about the Queen. Our driver told us that he was upset that we all had to deal with Charlie and the conniving cow Camilla now. He said that Diana should be Queen. I had to agree with him. I always thought (and still do) that Diana was the most beautiful woman ever. Still her wedding is fresh in my mind. I had a Diana haircut in high school. As our driver said, “Diana was our princess. And still is.”

Meandering through the Tube to find our train northbound.
High Tea at Wentworth stately home.
Wentworth House

Then another train up north to the beginning of the trail.

Not lost on me how the beginning is not quite the beginning. I assume there is some lesson about life in this. More thinking about this later though. Regardless, after a bit of walking, like a mile along a narrow road, which is unexpected but also not, we arrive at the trailhead. And at our pub. For bangers and mash, a pint of cider and a lot of rain. Tomorrows forecast is dry, which honestly is a relative terms here in Yorkshire.

Ric says a little mildew is good for everyone. Same to a bit of rain apparently. As we watch folks come off the trail in t-shirts and shorts. I am prepared for a blizzard or a typhoon. Ohh, to be from the desert. We sit and have cider and I asked for water and I got a look — what water? To drink? Yes please. I cannot live on beer alone. “Oh yes, I suppose with ice,”she said.

Only a mile walk to town from the train station!
We made it!
Bangers and mash with a pint of cider to pass the time.

Tomorrow morning we begin.

3 thoughts on “Arriving in Edale: finding the trailhead.

  1. Ric Tredwin

    The weather jibe is a little harsh… most of the walkers passing the pub are in shorts and AC/DC t shirts. It’s a strong 7 suntan day here in Edale.

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