England and Scotland by Foot, Car, Family and Friends

Sometimes travels take us in delightful ways that we had not considered, and when we hop a train or climb a hill, the destination is a sweet surprise like a frosty rootbeer float on a hot summer day. The nooks and crannies in the U.K. most certainly offer those delights. If you are lucky enough to have friends and family show you to the secret spots, you’re in luck, but if not, they can still be found with a bit of spunk and exploring. Forego the busy places and search out the neighborhoods. On our recent visit, we visited a fair number of pubs, including a few where the likes of Charles Dickens and other literary bloaks have enjoyed a pint or two. We also walked in the footsteps of the Romans, not to mention enjoying some family time with cheese toast and tea.

We traveled by plane, car, train and by foot from London to Aberdeen and back again with stops in Leeds, Harrogate, and Edinburgh. Below are some of my favorites little places with some of my favorite people:

Unfortunately I missed photographs in Harrogate at Betty’s. I was melting into the macarons and the smells of the sweet cheese cakes that I forgot all about my camera. But Betty’s is not to be missed. Our lovely friend Mina told us that it is the best there is, and she was not mistaken. Now that I am home, I keep wishing I had stuffed my suitcase with a bit more goodies from there. Bakeries like Betty’s simply just do not exist here in the states.

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