Raining in Fall

Autumn 4Every year as school starts, there is one event that really tells me that autumn is finally here. That one big rain that clears out the summer air and brings with it the crisp sweet smell of autumn. It always happens after school starts, usually the second or third week of September. When it arrives, we know it. It is not the afternoon sprinkle or hour-long shower that brings on the early evening rainbows. It is a real long steady, northern England kind of rain. And from it springs the blue autumn skies that one can only experience in northern New Mexico.

The autumn skies become the backdrop to the gold aspens and the snow cap on the mountains. The chilly October mornings bring in the most gorgeous weather one could imagine. It is my favorite time of year. The rain this year has been steady for two days now, and right now looks like it will keep on for another. The zinnias are perked up and the flax are taller, but I know it’s the beginning. And as the rain moves, on the dirt roads are full with ruts and washes. It is the best time for the mountains, good hiking, biking and running. We plan to pack our weekends with a few adventures before the snow sets in.

The conversations change too.  From flowers to harvest, canning and chopping wood. I pulled out a scarf yesterday and a long sleeve for the day.  My husband scoffed. It is too early for scarves. I simply smiled and wrapped my neck, feeling warmed as I went into the cold rain.

Yep, transitions are good.  And a bit bittersweet too.

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

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