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Sunset Project at Daylight Savings

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Over the weekend the time of the sunset shifted by an hour. I adjusted by alarm to remind me to take my photograph. But I laughed because “sunset photo!” is becoming a part of our family evening. . . a family activity as we think about our evening walk or run, or part of our walk to the mailbox.

While it is not quite spring yet, and we had a big snow over the weekend, and it is beginning to feel like spring, and the snow is melting almost as quickly as its coming in. The mud is arriving with the warmth. So it seems a good time, with the time change, and the warming days, to re-cap the first few months of the Sunset Project.

The compilation of photos is beautiful. It reminds me of how beautiful my days are everyday.  It is so lovely to encounter such grandiose beauty each day, and such simpleness. Lucky me.

Here’s a few below, and if you want to see them all, check them out at Sunset Project.

Sunsets over Taos
Sunsets over Taos

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