Oh, the snow….

Taos Mountain on a glorious winter day
Taos Mountain on a glorious winter day
Snow Forts are much better than a snowman . . . You can climb inside!
Snow Forts are much better than a snowman . . . You can climb inside!
Taos Ski Valley

Winter can be long and cold in the southwest. The sun is glorious during the day, but the evening cold can make you want to hibernate like a bear. When the sun sets at 5pm and warmth of the sunlight gives way to below zero temperatures within minutes, it is challenging to venture out and stay active.

I notice that my dog even faces the challenge of being active in the winter, which makes me laugh. He gets plump every winter, and it gives my niece great pleasure to call him “Sausage” for four months of the year. He prefers to lay by the stove and stay warm, watching us move about for the day. One thing can get him going though — my running shoes. The moment he sees me putting on my running shoes he’s up and jumping around, pleased to go out for a run. Though the snow and ice are a bit of a challenge, as we both slip around for a bit, once we find some solid ground, the crisp air feels good and I think we’re both reminded of how good a run feels.

Whether it is going for a run, heading up to the ski valley or building a snow fort to stash snowballs in, once we get ourselves off the couch, the rest is easy. The snow offers us different opportunities for activity than the summer and it gives me some variety in my life. And it is certainly better to find fun in the snow, then to sit around and put on the pounds in front of the TV all winter.

One thought on “Oh, the snow….

  1. jeremy

    Can I use your image in an ad for our business?? We will give you store credit in return at J.R. Clothing. The photo of Taos mountain covered in snow

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