Not recommended for anyone afraid of heights. What?

Tomichi Pass, takes us to a site of an old mining town.  The town had a population of 1500 during the boom years of the 1880s. The silver crash of 1893 brought an end to the town. In 1896 a few prospectors returned, but most were killed in 1899 when a snowslide destroyed the town. Remnants of building foundations can be found with patient examination of the area.  This is the adventure of it for our family.

We like to understand how people pioneered their way to these remote areas and lived, made a living and survived.  Tomichi was just an afternoon drive for us.

The back country guide described the “road” this way: “passing is extremely difficult on the north side. You may have to back up a considerable distance if you meet another vehicle. There are no hard-core obstacles, but several places are moderately rocky. Do not drive this trail if it is snow covered. Snow sometimes remains on the trail in late July. Be careful crossing deteriorating log bridge at bog.  Not recommended for novice drivers or anyone afraid of heights.”

No worries about the heights. We are all fine with 1000 foot drop-offs, but  the book was right about the deteriorating bridge.  A horse would have been much more useful than a Land Rover in getting across this one.  Luckily,  a Hum-V pulled us quickly out, and we were back to discovering the Tomichi ghost town.

2 thoughts on “Not recommended for anyone afraid of heights. What?

  1. Derek Swezey

    Kelleys- Very nice adventure up to Tomichi. My great great grandfather and grandmother, along with one of the sons were killed in that 1899 avalanche. Although in California, I’m planning on making that trip myself soon to see the sight. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Derek Swezey

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